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WNY R-AHEC Welcomed Two RIT Interns

WNY R-AHEC welcomed two RIT interns to our AHEC team, Miranda McGrath and Wallace Wallace.

Miranda McGrath is majoring in Web and Mobile Computing which is about combining people and technology to bring out the best in both. Students in this major learn how to integrate the back-end code with the front-end user experience, and are able to do it across several languages and platforms, to impact the app design process at all levels.  Wallace Wallace is majoring in New Media Interactive Development which instructs the student on adapting digital technologies for social software, wearable devices, touch interfaces, virtual/augmented reality, and the internet. The two young ladies have done an amazing job supporting our mission of improving health and healthcare through education by developing engaging eLearning activities, as well as converting video lessons and quizzes that are used in online trainings for the healthcare workforce.

This internship initiative was designed to familiarize students with online course development through hands-on activities in the areas of health education and communications. Our interns have put their time and energy into improving our ATHOs (Advancement Training for Healthcare Occupations) program and have acquired valuable skills through working with the AHEC staff, attending team meetings, and working independently on projects. The projects are designed to add interactive and engaging elements to our workforce trainings and to attract healthcare professionals to our programs. As a team, we are in complete agreement that it has been a wonderful and successful learning experience for both staff and students and one we would like to continue to develop.


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